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Title: The Village Curtain: A Jamaica Collection by Tony Tame.
Honolulu: Savant Books, 2009. 251 pages.
Reviewed by: Mary Hanna
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Unforgettable Caribbean Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Bed And Breakfast Anchorage Jamaica

Your lovely room at  Bed and Breakfast anchorage Jamaica comes with a range of nice amenities. Each of our rooms is specially outfitted with coffee and tea service and wireless internet service for our guests who bring their own laptop computers. In Jamaica, call 876.925.1067 or 876.924.2113. In the US and Canada, please dial 1.866.978.6806

 Bed and Breakfast anchorage Jamaica is located in the outskirts of Kingston in the majestic foothills of the residential area. Our inns, rooms, and apartments are very clean and each come with either a queen sized or king sized bed to ensure that you and your partner have not only a great time but a romantic time as well. Each living area comes with its own bathroom and glorious view of the area.

The next vacation you plan to Kingston Jamaica you should stay with us at  Bed and Breakfast anchorage Jamaica. Not only do we have some of the best rooms around but we have some of the cheapest rates so that you do not go over your budget that way you have the funds to do the very best Jamaica has to offer.

Our beautifully clean rooms are second to none as we provide the best there is to offer with our rooms and apartments. We make sure our guests receive as much comfort, security and satisfaction as possible.

The proprietor of Bed & Breakfast anchorage Jamaica is also the author of the book "The Village Curtain". Which is a novel published by the publisher Savant Books & Publications. It centers around a small fishing village in Jamaica and covers the many different ways the men of the village went about getting the fish out of the ocean such as dynamiting and the use of poisons such as bleach. He also writes about how this effects the ocean life by going up the food chain.

Bed And Breakfast Anchorage Jamaica

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