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Title: The Village Curtain: A Jamaica Collection by Tony Tame.
Honolulu: Savant Books, 2009. 251 pages.
Reviewed by: Mary Hanna
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Unforgettable Caribbean Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Article provided by: Cotton Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Minnesota B&b

As simple as it sounds, bed and breakfast is that kind of well-arranged house setting that provides you a bed to sleep in and also breakfast in the morning. Though these are the leading service they render, but there is more to them than this. They have more amenities to explore and more privacy than a hotel. Our Minnesota B&B specializes in paying attention to the specific wants and needs of every of our visitor.

What are to be expected at a Bed and Breakfast?

An avid hotel-goer might keep wondering on what exactly are those things bed and breakfast offers, listed below is a short list of what to expect in many, but not all in all bed and breakfasts.

Breakfast: B&Bs’ major priority is quality breakfast! Varieties of elaborate breakfast menus are available with chefs eagerly ready to provide and serve you with variations of delicious meals that change daily. B&Bs serves breakfast in different ways, but visitors can individually pick a suitable choice, either served in an area where everyone eats together, privately in your room, on a patio or balcony. Inquiries can be made about dining arrangements when making reservations.

Specialized Amenities: The newer establishment of B&Bs now have outdoor amenities such as pools, hot tubs, decks, balconies, and patio. Hotels do have all of these amenities, but they are much more private at B&Bs due to the availability of fewer rooms and resulting in fewer guests. Other indoor amenities like zoned A/C and heat and ironed linens are present too.

Private bath: Years back; many B&B establishments are not used to having private bathrooms dedicated to each room, and visitors tends to share baths. Most B&Bs today now inculcate this, each room having its private bath. Which also include a whirlpool tub, shower versus tub, and essential daily items, such as hair dryers and pressing iron.

What makes B&Bs so unique compared to hotels?

Most persons have a misconception about what their thoughts towards what bed and breakfast is in regards to the kind of service rendered, ownership, or the principle at which it functions. The truth remains that bed and breakfasts are unique and different in a significant way. Mentioned below are some of those top reasons why B&Bs are so unique and special.

At B&B, you will be decorated with the care and attention you truly deserve: The services rendered at a B&B goes beyond providing comfortable vacation lodging. Most B&B owners ensure their home adheres to all comfort level to make their house your home away from home simply because they see their patrons as a guest while hotels see their patrons as customers. Guests are even allowed to come along with their pets if they wish.

On-Site Staff: Another characteristic that defines the uniqueness of B&Bs is the on-site staff. On your arrival, crews are assigned to you; warmly welcomes you, takes you around the property so that you know what’s available throughout your stay, and finally escorts you to your room. Also, you’ll have your chef who prepares your fresh breakfast choice.  

Affordability: Finally, bed and breakfast rooms are much cheaper than even the cost of local hotels. At first thought, it might be conceived that B&Bs would be more expensive due to its small guest list, but as a matter of fact, B&Bs are cheaper than a hotel. Smaller buildings, fewer guests, and fewer employees, all these contribute to the affordability of staying at a B&B.

For a Minnesota B&B, contact us today for your next booking. Our structure has an attractive appearance while coupled with every bit of comfort and luxury you’d ever want on your vacation. Our team is ready to impress you, and afterward, you’ll be tempted to visit again.

Cotton Mansion Bed & Breakfast
2309 E 1st St, Duluth, MN 55812

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